Hope Through Wishes


May 20, 2021

William is seven years old, and wanted more than anything to visit Disney. Below is a note from his mother after their trip.

Inclusion includes an attitude of everyone to want that to happen. The giver and the receiver. It shouldn’t be mandated and it shouldn’t be forced. That doesn’t change peoples hearts. The attitude has to be everything.

This week I saw the best examples of it on so many levels.

People who get that this life is just a jumble of every emotion. And because of that they know that both of my kids and then also ourselves needed this break. As much of a break as we could get. And it was. This was a vacation we’re going to need time to rebound from. Tomorrow is going to be hard to go home.

We’re all already a mess about it. Just cannot emphasize how much I love our lives but also how much we needed this and that God is good in all of it.

Thank you Give Kids The World for making us all feel like we’re home.

HUGE Thank you to Granted for making it happen!