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What we do is so important for so many people.  Since 1985 we have given local children hope, joy, motivation to continue treatments, and memories that will stay with the family forever.

You can be an important part of this.  YOU can help to change lives!

From time, to talents, or resources, there are many ways to help support Granted’s Mission.

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How You Can Help


All contributions to Granted are tax-deductible within the limits set by law, and can be made by mailing your donation to Granted, 4445 Commerce Street, Suite 108, Evansville, Indiana  47710 or clicking HERE for a secure online donation connection. “Hope Through Wishes” is a project that helps to fund Wishes for children who are fighting life-threatening or terminal illnesses. All monies designated to the “Hope Through Wishes” project are used solely for direct Wish expenses, and with the average Wish costing $6,000, much support is needed to cover these expenses. Our mission is to create a memorable Wish experience for both the child and family that is not clouded by financial concerns. As we focus on serving children in Southwestern Indiana, Southeastern Illinois, and Western Kentucky, you can rest assured that your support will directly impact approved children within our Tri-State communities.


A third-party event is any fundraising activity on Granted’s behalf, developed by a non-affiliated group or individual where Granted has no financial responsibility and little-to-no involvement.  Although we actively encourage and greatly appreciate third-party fundraising, all such events must be approved by Granted in advance.

This is an important safeguard to preserving the integrity of Granted’s name and our commitment to raise the funds necessary to fulfill our mission of granting Wishes in a cost-efficient and effective manner.  While we are happy to provide guidance for your event, we do not have the personnel to hand the organizational and administrative tasks associated with third-party events.  Therefore, the event sponsor is responsible for all details of the event.

To learn more, please download our Third Party Fundraising Agreement Packet.


Only through the hard work and commitment of our volunteers is Granted able to continue granting more wishes to children with life threatening or terminal medical conditions. HERE is a list of volunteer opportunities available. Please contact the office at (812) 425-9474 if you would like to volunteer, or for more information.


As each Wish is as unique as the child who requests it, we never know what will be needed to fulfill a child’s greatest dream.  If you have a talent, skill, or goods that may be used, please contact the office at (812) 425-9474 or and let us know so we can reach out when the need arises.

Examples of skills or talents – carpentry, plumbing, painting, putting items together, photography, graphic design, shopping for the best deals, etc.
Examples of goods – lumber, paint, t-shirts, waters, cookies/cakes, decal works, etc.


A Legacy Fund was established in 2016 as a permanent tribute to those who have passed, to honor those who are still with us, or for those who wish to help ensure a future for Granted.  The principal of these gifts will never be touched, but the proceeds will be used to give hope and joy to special children for generations to come!

  In Honor Of
Carolyn Pfaffmann
Carl and Virginia Wallace

Stan Word – 2016
Debbie Keown – 2017
Lance Dietsch – Wish child – 2017
Jerry Leach – 2017
Dalton Minnick – Wish child – 2017
William Villinea – 2017
Carson Miller – Wish child – 2017
Paisley Nicole Ford – 2018
Donna Willett – 2018
Judie Clements – 2018
Valentine Pfaffmann – 2018
James Winstead – 2019
Virginia Wallace – 2019
JJ Foster – Wish child – 2019
Hannah West – Wish child – 2019
Rashad Lesure – Wish child – 2019
Janice Winstead – 2019
Gracie Johnson – Wish child – 2019
Adalyn Grace Santarsiero – 2020
Janet Kemp – 2020
Connie Purdue – 2021
Carl Wallace – 2021
Valentine Pfaffmann – 2021

    Endowment Gifts
Debbie Keown
Susan Washburn
Robin O’Quinn
Katrinka Rynder
Carolyn Pfaffmann
Corey Eblen
John W. Streetman III
Hector Rivera Fuentes
Teri Barnes
Cindy Shull
Alex Carey
Melissa Nicholson
Jeff Williams
Amanda Eades
Tamara Springer
Jeff Purdue
Andrea Santarsiero
Joel Fralick, Jr.
Angela Phaup


Help us sustain our special and important programs by putting Granted in your will or establishing a dedicated donation plan. For more information, contact your attorney, accountant, tax advisor or tax expert, financial advisor or Granted.  Options for giving include, but are not limited to:

Bequests by Wills (including Codicils) – A written statement in a donor’s will or codicil directing specific assets to Granted.  A donor should discuss with their attorney how to incorporate appropriate instructions into a will upon initial drafting or into a codicil that amends a previously written will.

Life Insurance Policies – Such policies could include those purchased by a donor or those provided by a donor’s employer.  A donor need only name Granted as a beneficiary of the policy on a beneficiary designation form.

Retirement Plans – A donor need only name Granted as a beneficiary of the retirement plan assets on a beneficiary designation form.

Securities – Only stocks that are publicly traded will be accepted by Granted at this time.

Trusts –  Exemplary trusts that can be used in a planned gift to Granted include charitable remainder trusts and charitable lead trusts.

Donor Advised Funds – A charitable giving vehicle administered by a public charity created to manage charitable donations on behalf of organizations, families, or individuals.

POD Accounts – Payable On Death (POD) accounts are available at a number of banks, credit unions, and savings and loan institutions. Setting up a payable on death account involves designating a beneficiary.

Please contact Granted for more information on any of these planned giving options or for specific information that you need in order to designate Granted as your beneficiary.