Beyond The Wish

Services to Wish children and their families don’t end when the Wish is complete. We recognize that once the child returns from their trip or receives their item, they are still sick and the family is still struggling. Relationships are formed, and through frequent communication, Granted’s programming evolves to address the needs of the families.


We create a loving, inclusive atmosphere for all children to be themselves and are accepted by everyone around them. Currently, the following events are held for our families.

  • Easter – Easter Egg Hunt, modified so ALL may participate.
  • Summer – Sunday Fun Day – a group swim for fellowship and a good time.
  • Christmas Party – Children enjoy crafts, games, music, gifts, and SANTA.


Coffee, Tea, and ME Time
Monthly meeting for parents or caregivers to bond and support each other.

Angel Keepers
Private Facebook group and monthly meeting for parents of children who have passed away.


Beyond the Wish, families need time together – having fun. We partner with companies local to the child’s home, and offer fun activities that the family can do together when the Wish child is having a good day – or has been having a rough time.

  • Restaurants
  • Activities
  • Family Photos


Many times families do not know where to turn for help, or who can offer the assistance that they need. Granted partners with numerous local organization to provide our families with whatever their needs may be.

  • Information on other local and regional nonprofits that may benefit families.
  • Christmas Assistance for families in need.
  • Assistance to families in their times of crisis.


We have seen another great need in our community, and are working to fill it. A whole demographic of children need our collective love and support — those who may not make it to the minimum age to receive a Wish.After numerous contacts, Granted’s wonderful Board recognized the need and has voted to create a benefit level called Wish Babies. We will welcome them in all that we do, and support them. When the child approaches three, we will start the regular process to grant them a Wish.


We strongly believe that it takes many avenues to build and strengthen Wish children’s general well-being.

  • Art
  • Dance
  • Music
  • Yoga
  • Energy


When children graduate from High School, many times they lose most if not all of their resources and support programs. We recognized the need for ongoing engagement to help these young people feel like they have a purpose and that they are contributing. This group of young adults helps Granted in a number of ways.

  • Volunteer in the office or at events.
  • Fund raise towards funding a Wish for another child in need.
  • Mentor younger children to offer encouragement and friendship.


To further encourage and support our Wish children who have graduated High School, we have created the Hopes and Dreams Scholarship which will assist in any advanced learning beyond High School. The Granted Board takes each child’s unique situation into consideration to determine if the scholarship can be used for college or a next-level hobby that the child enjoys.


On a regular basis we are asked how people can help. Some have the heart but not the resources. Wish Warriors is a Facebook group of individuals from across the country who want to make a difference. When a child is sick, having surgery, or has a milestone to celebrate, we post into this group asking for cards to be sent to the child through the Granted office, and then we pass them along. We also reach out to this group if we need volunteers or contacts for Wishes, programs, or events.


One of the sad realities of our organization is that not all of our Wish children have long to live. We do what we can to give these children joy, and to give their families memories that will last their lifetimes. When this tragedy does strike, we support the family in any way that is needed.

  • One-time gift to the family when a Wish child has passed away.
  • Wooden memorial cross set.
  • Framed poem with child’s photo.
  • Assist families with final plans if needed.
  • Support group for grieving families.


Granted offers our time to share with the community all that we offer to our families. We have put together a presentation that can be taken to schools, clubs and organizations, local governments, etc. There are so many families in our communities that do not understand the resource available to them.

Our Wish children typically have multiple diagnosis, which lends to much needed collaboration with other resources our community can connect them with. Granted educates and helps be a facilitator to those resources.