Hope Through Wishes


November 18, 2012

Paul, 9, one of the New Orleans Saints' greatest fans wished only to attend a game, or meet his hero, Drew Brees. He was able to do both. When his GBM brain tumor initially prevented him from attending a game, we were able to organize a skype meeting between Paul and Saints Quarterback Drew Brees. During this heartwarming 15 minute talk, Brees encouraged Paul to stay strong and that if he got to feeling better, he would welcome him to a practice and game. They made a deal that at the next game, the first touchdown pass would be to Marques Colston for Paul. Drew Brees is a wonderful human being!

Paul did rally, and was able to go to NOLA with his family. The Saints organization was so wonderful to him, and Paul was able to hang out with Drew through a practice and stay for a game. He had a truly wonderful Wish trip!

Paul passed away December 12, 2013.