Hope Through Wishes


March 18, 2022

Elizabeth “Ella” was in remission from cancer and was scheduled to go to Disney with her family in November of 2021. TWO WEEKS before her trip, her cancer returned. She immediately went to Cincinnati to begin an aggressive 42-week inpatient treatment.

In March, 2022, we were notified that her cancer was not responding to treatment and had spread out of control. The doctors were sending her home for a week to spend time with family as they came up with a new plan. Mom called on Friday evening asking of they could go to Disney the next week, as Ella’s future was unknown, and the family hadn’t been together in nearly four months. We quickly made all arrangements, and three days later her whole family was reunited for an amazing trip to Give Kids The World and Disney.

They had a magical week soaking up Give Kids The World, visiting all of the parks, and making memories that the family will treasure forever.

Once the trip was complete, all of the siblings again separated and went back to stay with family members across the country as Dad stays home to work, and Mom stays with Ella in the fight for her life.