Hope Through Wishes


Layla is four years old and has basically 1/2 of a heart, and that half is struggling.  Her number one Wish was a backyard play set.  She loves to play outside, but due to her compromised immune system, she is not able to go to parks or play with many other children.  Granted’s Board approved her Wish, but couldn’t install the set until Spring.  When we looked at her second Wish that was listed on her application, she asked for a friend.  We reached out to Missy Mosby with Buddy’s Promise, who helped us find the perfect friend for Layla — Sky.  We also loaded her backyard with games, toys, a princess carriage, and a pool.  Miss Layla truly has a backyard paradise!

Thank you’s:
Home Envy for helping to assemble the play sets (we got her two of them!).
Smith & Butterfield who helped us transport them.
Marvin Byrer who did the final assembly at her house.
Missy Mosby and Buddy’s Promise for helping us find Sky!