Since 1985, a wide variety of wishes have been granted. Each wish is as unique as the child who requests it. Many children want a trip to Disney World, but some unique requests have also been granted. Click here to see some of those wishes.  “Hope Through Wishes” is a project that helps to restrict gifts to fund wishes for children who are fighting life threatening or terminal illnesses.

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    I wish to visit the Grand Canyon ~ Trey


I wish to have a golf cart ~ Sydney


These are a few of our recent wishes highlighted:

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Meet Journey.  You would never know this energetic nine-year-old was given a 0% chance of living when she was born with biliary atresia.  Her Mom found a team of Heros who gave her a new liver and a new chance at life.  She still fights for her life every day, but is living each day to the fullest. Journey, her twin sister Adriana, her brothers and parents went to Disney World where the girls were treated like the princesses they are.



13102770_275479066119842_6570435146338325724_n - Copy (2)Meet Alli.  This amazing young lady has a rare genetic condition called MPS (for short).  MPS is so rare, not many people have heard of it.  Alli’s selfless wish was all about changing that.  She wanted to create awareness, and encourage research for a cure so that future children with this horrible syndrome have a chance of living. For a full week, Alli made the circuit of radio, television, and newspapers, telling her story.  She received a proclamation and a key to the City of Owensboro for her stellar representation of her City.  In March, 2017, Alli was invited to Washington DC to speak before Congress about MPS!



Meet Braxton.  This four year old adorable ball of energy wished to see Monster Trucks — specifically, he wanted to
see Grave Digger.  We were able to make that happen for this happy little guy!  Braxton got the royal treatment from all of the drivers and organizers of Monster Jam!

This was definitely a day that he will not soon forget!




Meet JJ.  More than anything, 14 year old JJ LOVES Batman!  On the weekend that the Batman Vs. Superman movie opened, we threw him a massive Batman party.

He and his family were picked up in a limousine and taken to a bat cave that was filled with delicious snacks, and gifts that consisted of all things Batman, as well as a TV and DVD player to watch all of his new movies.  A surprise guest, Batman himself, flew in from Gotham to let JJ know that HE was the true hero!  JJ and his family then had VIP seats in the Royal Suite to watch the movie.



Meet Lance.  Along with his Mom, Dad, and three brothers, 7 year old Lance is currently on his wish trip to Disney World so he can meet Mickey Mouse.

Lance, is from Washington, Indiana, has a rare chromosome disorder known as partial trisomy 6 and partial monosomy 18, and stage 4 CKD.




Meet Kian.  This happy 4 year old went to Disney World and Give Kids The World to meet Mickey Mouse.  He was all smiles as he got to spend some quality time with his favorite Mouse.

Kian and his family visited several theme parks in Orlando, and also got to go to the beach and swim in the ocean.



Hannah Cropped
Meet Hannah.  She does not like airplanes, so her family drove to Florida.  13 year old Hannah has spina bifida, trisomy 13 mosiac, congestive heart failure, and thrombosis in the right ventricle of her heart.

She LOVES Mickey Mouse, and got to meet him during her wish trip to Disney and Give Kids The world.




Meet Jason.  This 10 year old Delaware School student loved visiting Universal Studios and seeing the Star Wars Characters while on his wish to Orlando, Florida.

Jason has hydrocephalus, arachnoid cyst, chiari malformation syndrome, and epilepsy.  He has bravely endured 17 brain surgeries in his short life – 9 in the past year.




11802008_10203910593399753_310640628_nMeet Carson.  His favorite time of day is when Wheel of Fortune comes on TV.  That love is what his wish of a bedroom makeover was built around.

Beginning with a fresh coat of paint, a new TV, DVD player, iPod Touch and docking station were then added.  Wheel of Fortune / Sony sent a special care package including a t-shirt, signed photograph of Pat and Vanna, and two discs of multiple episodes of Carson’s most beloved television show.



Meet Kenzie. Her wish was to have a golf cart to take rides around her neighborhood with her family.

She was so excited to see her cart for the first time.




dsc00093_0035 (2)Meet Abigail.  Her favorite show was Dog With A Blog.  Abi’s wish was to meet Stan, the star of this show.

Stan and his trainers came to Evansville and spent a weekend with her.  They visited PetSmart and Abi was able to pick out special treats for Stan.