Who is eligible to receive a wish from Granted?Kennedy
Children between the ages of 3 and 18 who have been diagnosed with a terminal or life-threatening illness are eligible.

Who can apply to receive a wish through your organization?
The child is referred by his or her medical team, a parent or legal guardian, a close family member, or the child themselves.

How do I apply for a wish?
Making an application for a child to receive a wish is a very easy process. Simply complete the form below, or contact the Granted office at (812) 425-9474 and we will set up a time to meet with your family and complete our short application form.

After the application is completed, Granted will obtain verification of medical treatments from your child’s physician. These forms are then submitted to our volunteer physician who will confirm the diagnosis and give medical approval to the application.

Once approved, the application and wish request are presented to our Board of directors for final approval. Once a decision is made, Granted will notify your family.

How long does the approval process take?
Each application varies based on the time it takes to receive all necessary paperwork from various physicians. On average, the application process will take from two to four weeks to complete. Our Board meets on a monthly basis and your application will be presented at the first available meeting following the medical approval process.

How many wishes can my family receive?
Each child is limited to ONE wish, which includes not only our organization but any other wish granting association as well. However, should you have more than one child facing life threatening condition, each child who qualifies can have a wish.

Are there other wishes available other than trips?
Yes. Granted will be happy to work with you and your child to find a wish that is just right for them.

What other types of wishes have you done?
We have granted wishes for new bedroom furniture, meeting famous people, golf carts, new computers, TVs, shopping sprees, and more!

Will our family’s wish information be made available to the public?
We ask all our families to sign a publicity release which allows us to use your story in our newsletter, online via our website, Facebook, twitter, and in news releases sent out to the local media. However, this option is always your choice. Should you prefer identity information regarding your wish to remain private, we will respect your decision.










If I have additional questions, who do I contact?
Contact the Granted office at (812) 425-9474 or info@grantedtristate.org