Three children’s dreams will come true as they all head to Give Kids The World and Disney World over the next several days, fulfilling their wishes from Wish Upon A Star.

11855710_736636486481947_7002613696194776613_nHannah West does not like airplanes,so her family will leave on Friday, August 14 to make the trip in a rented van. 13 year old Hannah has spina bifida, trisomy 13 mosaic, congestive heart failure, and thrombosis in the right ventricle of her heart. The Glenwood Middle School 8th grader has been planning her trip for months and is so excited to meet Mickey Mouse.

Four year old Kian Rhoads also loves Mickey Mouse. His mom (Megan Rhoads) is looking 11828691_737617699717159_1408420875850142100_nforward to the huge smile when he sees Mickey for the first time. Kian has epilepsy and severe dystonic cerebral palsy with some complications. The family will fly out of Nashville, Tennessee on Saturday, August 15.

11891224_1649424668609308_7637934029716519347_nLeaving from Evansville Regional airport on Sunday, August 16 is Jason Reeves and his family. 10 year old Jason has hydrocephalus, arachnoid cyst, and chiari malformation syndrome. He has bravely endured nine brain surgeries since November 2014. This Delaware School student, who loves reading encyclopedias for fun, is looking forward to Universal Studio and seeing the Star Wars Characters.

All three children and their families will spend a week at Give Kids The World, a magical 70 acre storybook resort designed especially for wish children. Throughout that week, they will be able to visit any Disney theme park they choose.


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