Wish Upon A Star strives to continually broaden our services to meet the needs of our wish children and their families.  We are so excited to have partnered with Tina Gibbs with Beautiful Minds, LLC to offer yet another avenue of support.  Tina works one-on-one with children using the guided technique.  She places paint on the canvas and then guides the child through the painting, assisting them in any way they may need.

Lance was our first wish child to work with Tina.  We drove to the family’s home early on a Monday morning, and Lance was restless and sort of agitated.  Tina showed him several paintings that he could choose from to paint.  He looked at all of them, but quieted and stared at one in particular.  That was the one.  Lance sat on his Mom’s lap, and Tina had the kitchen table all set up as a mobile studio.  As soon as she started putting paint on the paper, he calmed down and just watched her intently.  She then placed a paint brush in his hand and supported his arm as he began to paint his masterpiece.  She would tell him to move the brush across the paper or up and down and to her surprise, he painted about 80% of the painting by following directions.  It was amazing to watch the transformation in him as he painted.

This program is good in so many ways.  The child gains confidence and pride in the beautiful painting that they have created, and the family then has a keepsake that their child has made that they can keep forever.

We will be offering this to more of our wish children as funding allows.

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