13047926_265257807141968_4051548397529748709_oWe say all the time that each wish is as unique as the child who requests it.  Alli’s wish was truly unique, and a definite first in our books.  This most selfless 17 year old requested to spread awareness for her rare syndrome (MPS / Hurler’s Syndrome) and encourage research for a cure so that future children may have a chance at living.  Alli spent a full week giving radio, television, and newspaper interviews. Utilizing social media, she had a Facebook page that fans and friends could follow along throughout her wish. She also made appearances at Sam’s Club and Evansville Streets Alive.  She even threw out the first ball at an Otter’s game, and led the crowd at the 7th inning stretch!

All of this excitement culminated in a surprise visit to the Owensboro’s Commissioners Meeting where Mayor Ron Payne presented her with a proclamation for all of her hard work as an ambassador for MPS and how she represented the people of the City.  She also received a key to the City of Owensboro.  Wish then gave Alli a check for $1,000 to give to the MPS Society in her name for research.